The Policy Research Center for Environment and Economy (hereinafter referred to as PRCEE) of the Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) was established in 1989. It is a national environmental policy research institution providing support for the macro-level decision-making of environmental protection in China, with its main missions focusing on the researches on national and comprehensive issues of great significance, including environmental strategies, environmental policies, laws and regulations, institutional systems, environment and social management, and international environmental issues and policies, etc. Also, PRCEE participates in the drafting of important documents and materials of the MEP and offers policy consultancy and decision-making support regarding environmental management. 

    During the past years, as the core policy think-tank of state environmental authority, PRCEE has been focusing on the nation's important needs and major strategic arrangements on environmental protection, and providing decision-making support by contributing policy recommendations actively, and by participating in major decision-making processes directly. After many years of development, PRCEE has consolidated its comparative advantages and specialties in such fields as environmental strategy, environmental economics and management policy, environmental legislation and institution, climate change, environment and trade, environment and health, urban environmental management, international environmental policy, etc.


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